Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodnight Mimi!

This was too cute not to share...

This is a picture I found tonight inside the pocket of Lila's bedrail, the one right up next to her pillow. It's a picture of Lila and her Mimi. I guess she took it off her bulletin board and put it in bed with her, tucked right in the pocket closest to her little heart! So Goodnight Mimi and thanks for watching over me as I sleep! We love you Mom! :)

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Late Night Visitor...

Well it seems that Emily is my "problem" child in so many ways... many are not her fault but still, she's pretty high maintanence. Last night she cried everytime we put her in the crib but would stop as soon as we got her out. I practiced my tough love and eventually she fell asleep in the crib. Again, all was well until 2:00am. Same thing except I was too tired to wait it out so I put her in bed with us... immediately the crying stopped and she slept until 7:00am!! I know letting your child sleep with you is a bad habit to start but...???? I never had this problem with Lila! Any suggestions?

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Growing Pains...

I cried Saturday night as I got Emily ready for bed and finally admitted to myself that we needed to retire our 3M jammies and move up to a bigger size. I got out my tupperwares of Lila's old clothes and dressed Em in jammies that I feel like Lila was just wearing yesterday!

The tears didn't stop there as Saturday night was a big night for Miss Emily.. and I don't just mean that she moved up a size in jammies... She slept in her own room in her own crib for the very first time!

She's been having trouble sleeping through the night lately in her bassinet. We thought she may have been waking up when she tried to roll over and found herself restricted in her small sleeping space. What once was a security has now become uncomfortable for Emily and now for me as well. I finally took Wayne's advice and we set up the apnea monitor in her room, put batteries in the remote monitor so we could hear her if she cried, and put her to bed in her very own room. Now I know many of you think it's past time for her sleeping freedom but I have really wrestled with this decision and dreaded this big move. It's a huge step for both of us as this is the first time since coming home from the NICU that she hasn't slept but a few feet from me. I guess any long stay in the NICU will create separation anxiety in any mother!

So this past weekend has marked another big transition in the Allen household. Although Emily's was not as smooth as Lila's. She went right to sleep and even slept through my flash as I crept in a few hours later to document the moment for her baby book. All was well until around 2:30 am when she awoke and had to be rescued and reassured by Daddy. I awoke this morning to my sweet girl nose to nose with her mama in our bed. She did great today for her afternoon nap, although upon waking there were big tears instead of playful cooing.. maybe it just takes a while to get used to new surroundings and a new found freedom, even at the expense of growing pains to Mommy!

So.. here she is...

fast asleep...

in bigger jammies and a bigger bed! : )

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love My Lila!

Lila and I just made rice krispie treats with fruity pebbles. She just had her first little nibble and said, "Oh Mommy, These are Delicious!" I love my Lila!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Sister! You are so loved by the Allen Clan and we hope that you have a GREAT CELEBRATION TODAY! You mean so much to so many and I just wanted to use your birthday as an opportunity to let you know how very much I love and appreciate you! You are my sister, friend and role model. I know that I am a better person just by knowing you and having you in my life.
Our Ladies Bible Study Class just finished a Jennifer Rothchild study entitled, "The Fingerprints of God." What stood out to me the most through this study is that God spoke everything into existence, the earth, sky, heavens, beasts of the earth, etc. all with his commanding voice... that is, everything except man. When God created man he actually MADE him; therefore, we have the fingerprints of God all over us! I think you wear those beautiful fingerprints so well and are such an inspiration to me!
You are a sweet, gentle spirit full of integrity and grace. You are an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and example. I have learned so much from you throughout the years and only hope that I have been able to face my own trials in life with as much faith and love as you.
Little Charlie and Kate are so blessed to have you as their mother. You make each new day special for them. You know what is important and never waste an opportunity to stop what you are doing to just play with them or teach them a new game (I am still so impressed that they know how to play jacks! I can't ever recall playing jacks until a few months ago when I played with your kids!)
From the time I found out I was pregnant with my sweet Emily I prayed that she would be a little girl so that Lila would have a sister just like you. When we found out she was in fact a girl I knew immediately I wanted to name her after you. The day she blessed us with her presence God showed His unwaivering faithfulness, love and protection in a very real way. I was so grateful to have my family there supporting us and lifting us up. I will never be able to adequately thank you for rushing to be by my side to pray for and over my sweet baby girl on the scariest day of my life. The sweet memory of seeing the two of you together warms my heart even today. I hope and pray that my Emily Summer grows up to be just like her Aunt Summer. You have every trait and characteristic that I pray she has someday. I already know she is special and I am so proud to be her Mommy.

I love that we grew up so close in age, (although it wasn't always fun sharing clothes and a car)but you were always there for me, sticking up for your little sister when people were mean or life was unfair. Thank you for walking life's journey ahead of me and for always looking back over your shoulder to make sure your little sister is still treking along behind you! Have a Very Happy Birthday! I Love You So Very Much!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eleven Months!

"Did you just say ELEVEN MONTHS? Are you sure Mom?"

Yep, baby girl you are eleven months old today! I can't believe in four short weeks you will be ONE!! What a year it's been! You've come a long way sweet girl and Daddy and I are SO, SO, SO PROUD of you!!

"Yeah Me!!"

See.. I told you... the girls are sweet to each other...


Maybe Emily is becoming a bit of an "Enemy"?

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Friday, February 15, 2008

First Haircut

Wayne and I took Lila to get her first haircut today. Although she doesn't just have this head full of hair that needs a good cutting, it was getting a bit scraggly in the back so we thought a cute little bob was in order. She was very excited when we got there. Very excited to sit in the chair. Excited about the movie. But then wasn't too sure about the smock and got really upset having her hair spritzed with water. At this point she doesn't care about the movie, doesn't want a sucker, even Barney got the reject until the lady gave her a hair clip... who knew they were so exciting?
The hair cut took all of five minutes from the time she sat in the chair until the time she got out of the chair and she did settle down once she got the hair clip and got really into the movie... all five minutes that she watched!

The real highlight was the ponytail the lady put in her hair... now if I had tried that she would have been sprawled out on the ground crying but is perfectly fine with strangers fixing her hair! I even put a bow in it when we got home... now this is something you don't see everyday.. in fact EVER!! Here's Lila with a hairbow!

Before we left the "salon" Lila got to put her ticket in the machine for a prize... She got a whistle that has been driving us crazy ever since!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

While Emily professes her love for that one special man in her life...

Lila insists on having her picture taken with The Care Bears... she loves them all.. every size and color of the rainbow!

And every attempt to get a picture of my two little Valentines together turns out as such...

Lila having a good ol' time and Emily not so sure! Oh well...

Happy Heart Day from Lila and Emily! I hope you tell all your Valentines just how much you love them today... and with a piece of chocolate can't hurt! :)

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Phone Call

I have been playing phone tag all morning with the receptionist in charge of scheduling at Emily's optamologist (she needs to have her ROP checked). Lila was coloring with her markers and Emily and I were working on some therapy when the phone rang and I finally got ahold of Suzy from scheduling, so I quickly went to the other room to sit at my desk and look at our calendar. I was maybe gone five, ten minutes at the most. When I returned to check on Lila I let out a loud gasp.. so loud that Suzy from scheduling asked if everything was okay. I told her I would have to call her back...

Now despite what you might be thinking, I am not a bad parent. I watch my children, especially when crayons and markers and paint and even icing are involved. I just tend to get called away for a few minutes and my Lila has this crazy obsession with decorating herself with markers, icing, whatever she can get her hands on...

Needless to say she went straight to the shower and her clothes to the washing machine. At least this time it wasn't permanent markers (all sharpies are now childproofed in a drawer out of reach). While in the shower Lila liked that the water was turning green from getting clean but when it came time to scrub her face she got upset. I handed her a mirror so she could see it needed a good cleaning and she told me "No Mommy. I like it." Oh brother...

Oh and here is how I found Emily when I came back in the room while still on the phone to check on them...

At least I caught Lila before she could color on Emily this time!

I guess her appointment with Ms. Suzanne this morning wore her out.. and that was just her nutritionist, not therapist! It's hard work sitting on a scale and hearing about calories, special formula and baby food! All I can say is she is becoming more and more like her Mama each day.. I could go to sleep just about anywhere, anytime too! Of course this little siesta might have something to do with the fact that she is not feeling well... yep, sick again... that's not drool all over the floor... it's her runny nose! Poor Girl!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day! We had to break out some warm weather clothes and I loved it! I absolutely love the Spring... I know officially we still have a few weeks to go but the weather this past weekend has me thinking it's here and anxiously awaiting it's actual arrival.

Lila started the day out in a long sleeved shirt under her tank dress but not long after going outside her cheeks quickly turned a rosy red from being so warm that she ended up sleeveless and the weather was perfect for it! I even had to go in and get a hat for Emily!

We spent a good part of the afternoon outside enjoying the sun and warm weather. We had fun swinging, sliding, playing chase and "kick ball" and Lila had fun throwing grass on everyone... although not everyone had fun with that...

I wouldn't be surprised if rain and a cold front were in the forecast for this next week (gotta love the random, crazy Texas weather)but we sure enjoyed the sunny Sunday afternoon we had today!

Lila really wanted to push Emily in the swing...

But was afraid to let go in fear the swing would come back and hit her so she really just "walked" her back and forth!

"Ready... Set..."

"Yay..." (Lila's countdown sequence)

Then she opted out of sliding for jumping!

Clapping for Lila as she kicks the ball... Go Sister!!

Playing outside is so much fun!!

Both girls in the swing together...

Emily didn't have as much fun as Lila!

I guess I should get Emily a new swing for her birthday next month...looks a bit crowded, huh?

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

15 Pounder!!

Two posts in one day... Wow! I'm on a roll!

We just got back from the pulm. doc and I just had to share our good news... Emily is up to 15lbs. 0oz. Whoo Hoo!!

With this came a bit of bad news for Miss Emily.. 15 lbs. means TWO synagis shots (one in each leg)! Not fun! I don't know if this happens with all kiddos who receive synagis, but Emily's leg(s) swell up making for a very uncomfortable day. She gets lidocaine before the shot(s)and ice afterwards but it really doesn't seem to help!

I love this picture because you can really see her "skunk patch" of hair... see it right down the middle on top of her head?

This appointment was supposed to be Emily's last injection for the year but we got the news today that we were recommended and approved for two more doses because RSV has been so bad in our area... I hate this but I know it's what Emily needs to keep her safe so I won't complain. We also got the friendly reminder that playgrounds, the church nursery and grocery stores are off limits and we are to continue limiting exposure until May... Bummer! I guess we need to invest in more toys for the backyard since we will be limiting our activities for Spring as well...

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Wait Just a Minute...

So I guess I was too eager with my "Smooth Transition" post. Everything has been going great for the past few nights. Lila doesn't fuss about going to bed, in fact, she happily marches off to her room turns on the night light and climbs into bed all on her own. After a kiss goodnight we don't see her again until the next morning.

HOWEVER, last night... oh boy! I went in this morning and was greeted with, "Good Morning Mommy, I playin." I think I'll let the pictures do the explaining...

Here she is "playin"... notice the bed in the background?

Here is the next thing I notice as I move towards the bed...the toy shelves are bare!

And this is the bed... just about every toy in her room is on that bed, and she must have done this sometime in the night because Wayne found it this way at 5am before leaving for work, apparently she was sleeping in a tiny corner at the foot of the bed....

Has anyone else had this problem? Any Suggestions?

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