Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My Bubble Bath Blues Dancers!

Still haven't had a chance to look at the rehearsal video, but here are the pictures we took of our girls on recital day! Remember, no pictures were allowed in the auditorium...
My little dancers before the show...

Do you notice Emily has a side ponytail? Shame on me... but she was cranky and I couldn't resist a little rule breaking at that point.. I had tried to do everything by the book up to that point, and still been yelled at so.. why not? Intentional bad behavior is never a good thing.. except maybe in this particular case? : )

The big performance didn't phase Emily a bit!

Lila, on the other hand was a little apprehensive. No surprise there.. maybe she was worried about Emily's side ponytail.. Ha!

'Don't worry Sister, I'll be dancing right next to you and I could care less if my hair doesn't match the other dancers..'

This is my 'Hurry Daddy' face... the first one in about fifteen where both girls are kinda looking at the camera and Mommy looks silly! Typical!

Flowers and Trophies!

Emily was so proud of herself.. and we were proud of her too!

Daddy and Dancers..

Sweet Lila Girl!

Daddy and Doodle..

Daddy and Rooney..

Very Silly Girl! Love her so much!

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