Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

My sweet, adorable, spunky girls....
Have I told you lately that I LOVE you?!?!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today is my beautiful sister's birthday! Have a good one Summer! I love you and appreciate you. I look up to you and wish I could be as gracious and loving, as patient and kind as you are. Thanks for being such a wonderful sister and example. Happy, Happy Day! We love you!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

There are very few trips I make to Target where I don't pick up a thing or two from the dollar spot... LOVE IT!! Last week the girls picked out these ceramic animals that came with paint to make for Daddy's desk at work as his Valentine's present. Daddy has a nice assortment of artwork at his desk. He loves it and and I have to say I think it's pretty cute that he's such a proud Daddy!

Of course Emily had to taste the paint!

They were too excited to wait so we celebrated Valentine's Day a little early. We made a special dinner and adorned our chicken squares (yes, fellow applesauce.. they are an Apples of Gold recipe)with little hearts Lila cut out with cookie cutters. Daddy was surprised and loved his horse and dinosaur statues... can you tell who picked them out?

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The Allen 500

This is a new game the girls like to play...
They "race" their cars down the hallway.

Notice the chocolate on her face? She is always eating something! She even finished another race with preztel rod in hand!

See?? Snacks are very important to Emily!
Wayne and I have even raced each other... He cheated but I still won and you're crazy if you think I would post a picture of that race!

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Isn't she cute???

About the bottle... I know, I know!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Be Fooled!

And now a post about Lila.

Don't let the dress and hair bow fool you. This girl is practically boy! These are a few of her favorite things...
Horse collection...

(Should I be embarrassed that this isn't even all our horses...just the ones that made the sleeping arrangements that day)
Seriously... she lines them up on her bed at night.


The John Deere tractor show last weekend was a big hit!

Oops! I think Emily had a big breakfast...time for bigger jeans?!?


Emily takes after me, shrieks and runs, when the worms are out to play but Lila's not afraid to dig in a little dirt.


She loves them!

And Dinosaurs..
Chomping down with us at lunch.

And she always chooses either Cars or Spiderman gummy snacks at the grocery store...

She even corrected one of Emily's therapists yesterday, telling them a particular "truck" was actually a "jeep" and a certain "car" was really a "convertible."
Sugar and spice and everything nice or Spiders and lice and wee little mice... Either way, I love you just the way you are sweetheart!

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Good Plan, Bad Outcome

Mom gave me a bit of a hard time the other day for not posting in a while... I didn't know anyone still checked my blog..everyone seems to have moved on to facebook! So, here you go Mom! And Rebecca, I'm still working on Christmas x4! : )

The forecast for today is 50% chance of rain... thunderstorms likely for this afternoon. Afternoon rain showers are the perfect ingredient for an ideal afternoon nap. In preparation for our naps this afternoon I decided the girls and I would stay in our jammies so we'd be comfy cozy and ready for the rain... in fact, I didn't even make the beds... I ALWAYS make the beds...seriously, I do. I'm strange like that.

While we are waiting for the rain and having a jammie day I decide it is a perfect time to do some arts and crafts. Late last night I got out the red, pink and purple crayons and shaved them down to teeny tiny pieces with the cheese grater to make our crayon melts valentines. Now is the perfect time to use them right? hence the title of this post... it was a great idea, I had a good plan, but the outcome was bad...let's be frank...VERY BAD.

An hour and a good scrubbing in the bath tub later the girls are clean and in new jammies, the kitchen tile has ground in bits of crayon everywhere but I'll deal with that later. We continue with the valentines. But wait, this marker is not writing quite right...

Where is the tip???

One look at Emily and I've found it... well not FOUND it but at least I know where it looked worse before I tried to clean her up and then grabbed the camera... imagine blue tongue, teeth, lips, chin.

Funny huh?

She was the only one laughing. She did this TWICE on Sunday during church but thankfully with Color Wonder markers so there was no mess. Why does she insist on eating EVERYTHING??

The proof is in the pudding... here she is trying to eat my camera. Must she have such a huge appetite for life?

I am desperate for the rain to start, for the girls to take that afternoon nap, but while Emily was in the bath tub for the second time this morning I made my bed because there is no rest for the weary... I'll be scrubbing the crayon off the kitchen floor and doing laundry now that Emily has pink paint on one set of jammies and blue marker on another... so fun!

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