Thursday, October 30, 2008

Petting Zoo

Wayne was out running a few errands with the girls last weekend when they came upon a petting zoo. I wish I could have been there to see Emily's first animal adventure but luckily my camera was still in the car and Wayne got some great pics of the girls and their new friends! I really don't want to know if he made sure they washed those little hands really good before leaving... what I don't know can't make me cringe... well maybe...

Don't you know Lila was in Pony Heaven?!?!

Emily, and her new fearlessness. She used to be so cautious...

But not so much anymore!

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Mistaken Identity

Oh Rooney... You are such a funny little girl. This morning was the second time you have mistaken Ann Curry for your Mimi. (Quite the compliment Mimi!) I was watching The Today Show this morning when Lila emerged from her room. She looked a little sleepy but when she saw Ann on the TV screen she said, "Oh, Good Morning Mimi. I want a real pony for Christmas, okay?" When Mimi a.k.a Ann Curry didn't answer she went right to the TV screen and started shouting, "Mimi, talk to me! I can't hear you Mimi! I want a real pony, okay? For Christmas. Get me one, okay?"
No joke. I guess when she doesn't get that real pony on Christmas morning Mimi can honestly tell her she never heard her ask for one!

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Just Playin'

Some little girls play with dolls and dollhouses and some play with horses and barns...

Never mind the absence of pants and the BAD hair day... Emily is sick and we are just hanging out at home today, although that really isn't an excuse for neglecting the hairbrush... oh well, she sure doesn't care!

When I finished putting the fence together Lila told me, "Good Job Kid!" Have I told you how much I love you Lila?!?!? You put a great big smile on my face every single day!

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Halloween Festivities

Halloween officially began last weekend at our house with a visit to Frisco's Safety Town. We met up with some of our good friends and had a great time exploring the mini city of Frisco and loading up on buckets full of candy, stickers, pencils, and fun. Lila and Emily had a "sweet" evening with their elephant and lion friends!

Lila is a mermaid this year and Emily is a goldfish. Both of the girls really like their costumes and wear them proudly! I happen to think they are the cutest little mermaid and fishy I have ever seen...

More pics to come after Trunk or Treat and trick or treating tomorrow night! Stay tuned...
Happy Halloween!!

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Dance Yourself Silly!

Lila has been in dance class for a few months now. In the beginning, there were only three girls in her class and her participation was great. However, as the class has grown to over twelve little dancers she has become shy and bashful. She spends the entire ballet portion of class coy and statuesque.

When the tap portion begins her personality and dance skills blossom and she can really cut a rug out there on the dance floor. Her favorite part... galloping the pony... surprise, surprise!

The class ends with tumbling, which is by far Emily's favorite. She is impossible to keep away from the mats and since Lila's dance teacher is a parent of a former student of mine, she gets to participate too! Lila loves telling the other little girls, "That's my sister! That's my Doodle! Yea Doodle! She does it too! Oh, Doodle, You're soooo cute!" At which point Emily usually heads over to her big sis for a hug of thanks and appreciation for the praise. I think this interaction between the two sisters paired with Lila's adoration for "her Doodle" makes tumbling my favorite part as well...

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last month when Lila turned three I was shocked by the realization that my babies are growing up much too fast. Today marks Emily's 19 month birthday. Wow! Is it possible that much time has flown by since she entered this world and captured my heart? It amazes me. SHE amazes me. During her NICU stay I would stand over her isolet and pray a verse from Proverbs over and over again, " Dearest Lord, Give our little Emily victory and be her shield. Guard her course and protect her way." It has been a long course through many ups and downs, but I am convinced that God has been her shield and He has kept her under His protective wing. One of Emily's nurses told me a long time ago that little ones never really graduate from being premature. It can feel like hurdle after hurdle without the finish line in sight as their tiny bodies were forced to adjust to this world before they were fully ready. We've had our hurdles and I thought I saw that finish line but it seems we were just rounding another bend. I know the one who watches over Emily is still guarding her course and protecting her way but there are still more hurdles to jump just the same and as her mommy, I'm getting tired of jumping!

It's now October, RSV season has rolled around again. Emily has been recommended again for synagis injections this year, which we were not expecting, but both her pedi. and pulmonologist think it is better to be safe than sorry when Emily is concerned. Her brain bleed at birth, off the chart head circumference and the recent scare with hydrocephalus have her pegged as "at risk." Wayne and I still haven't decided what to do about the shots because they are so expensive and do not guarantee the child will not contact RSV even with the synagis booster. Insurance of course is being difficult about coverage due to this being Emily's second RSV season. So, for now we are being careful, avoiding germy breeding grounds and washing our hands a lot. As the winter picks up and RSV hits our area we might hibernate just a bit more to be extra careful.

The other hurdle has to do with Emily's broken tibia and fibula back in June. X-rays show that the bones have still not fully healed and other fractures were detected that sent up red flags. She had a bone density scan and the results were not favorable. A bone biopsy was recommended but after hearing the risks involved, and knowing that the results could still leave us without a diagnosis, I opted out of that test. So again, we were told to be careful, cautious parents and not to hover but to keep a watchful eye for bad falls, unnecessary roughness etc. Hopefully after some added meds and extra vitamin D her scans will reveal strong healthy bones! I try really hard not to be paranoid, but at times it is hard to just let her be a 19 month old that stumbles and falls. I know she will be fine. This is just one hurdle closer to that finish line. One step closer to that preemie graduation we long for! Thanks, as always, for keeping her in your prayers!

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A Funny Conversation

This is one I want to remember...
M: Lila, You know what?
L: What?
M: I Love You!
L: I love to swim!

Okay, let's try this again...

M: Lila, You know what?
L: What?
M: I Love You!
L: I don't have a skateboard!
M: No, you don't but...
L: You can go buy me one at Target!

So maybe she doesn't say it but I know she loves me too!!

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A New Friend

Last night at church Deacon suprised Lila with a new friend....

She has named him Star. Needless to say she loves him! Thanks Lindsey and Deac!

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Can the summer be over already??

Say it ain't so!!

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After Lila's birthday the girls and I were treated to airline tickets to Mimi and Poppa's house! It was HEAVEN! Everyone deserves a good spoiling by their Mama! I was originally supposed to stay just five days but ended up extending my stay since we were having such a great time... although we did miss Daddy a whole bunch! I got to go out shopping all by myself, take naps, sleep in, I even read a book while I was there! It was great! Thanks Mom and Dad for somehow always knowing just what we need and for taking such good care of us!

Coming home was a transition... I went with one suitcase but Mimi took us shopping while we were there and I came home with three suitcases and an extra carry on! That's where the transition came... it took me several days to unpack, do laundry and get back to full time mommy without Mimi's help! I honestly had a few days where I didn't know how I did it all on my own without Mom's help... yikes! I sure wish we lived closer to our family. The girls had a blast and I got caught up on some much needed downtime! Mom... You're the best friend, mother and grandmother a girl could have! You know how much I adore you and miss you terribly!!

Unfortunately I didn't take my camera and when I tried to email the pics from Mom's house something happened so stay tuned for the pictures...

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Lila's Birthday

Lila's birthday this year was an exciting one!
She got some pretty pink roses from her Daddy...

And we started the day with a celebatory breakfast...

Opened a few presents...

Our new friend Brownie...

That we love!

And Spirit, a horse movie..

Then we headed to the mall for a ride on the Carousel.

And lunch at The Rainforest Cafe...

Where we sat right next to the elephants..

We had to have the Volcano dessert to celebrate Three Years!

And flag the "balloon guy" down for a balloon pony...

After a nap we opened more presents...

Happy Three Years Lila!! We love you!

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Lila's Birthday Party

For Lila's birthday we had a small backyard adventure/swim party. She invited all her best friends from playgroup and we had a great time! We had a bunch of different blow up pools in the backyard with kickballs, the trampoline, slip-n-slide, sandbox, playhouse, etc. She was so excited and the weather that day was perfect for being outside!

Our sidewalk chalk decor...

The party favors..

The Nemo cake that was not easy to make!

But Emily thought it was delicious!


We need to build a barn for all the new horses and ponies Lila got for her birthday! She is beyond elated! I have never known someone for so much love for a four legged beast, but Lila's love for all things horses is unmatched! She wears pony clothes, hair clips, socks, jammies, this girl can spot a pony from miles or aisles away.. in the car, at Target, everywhere! And you'd be kidding yourself if you didn't think we went everywhere with several ponies in tow. She even has huge ponies that ride along but MUST stay in the car while we run our errands. Obsessive would be an understatement! Thank you to all our family and friends that added to Lila's pony collection for her third birthday. All those horses and ponies have never had a better home or an adoring, doting caretaker... she even brings grass into the house for her ponies to eat... so fun! ha!

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