Friday, May 23, 2008


Every time I go home to my parent's house, Mom has put a little gardenia in a vase on the bedside table in my room. Love is in the details. This simple little gesture makes me feel so welcome, so special, and fills the room with the scent of love. The gardenias here at my house are in full bloom right now. Every few days I cut little bouquets of them and place them here and there in little vases around the house. I love them. They remind me of Mom, and home, and the feeling of being special and loved! Thanks Mom! I hope my girl's grow up feeling that same love every time they see or smell a gardenia.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Busy!

Have you ever read the book about the raggly, scraggly, no soap, no scrub girl? It's one of Lila's favorites and could very well be her story...although she does get a bath every night with soap! :)

She doesn't slow down. She plays hard. Up early, no nap, and just keeps going all day until bedtime! Wow, she's a lot to keep up with!

We've been spending a lot of time outside. We've been busy gardening lately and Lila has turned into a great little gardener, watering and taking care of her plants. She got her green thumb from her grandmother and great grandmother for sure! Look how much her seeds have grown...

She also loves the sandbox, playhouse and trampoline... busy bee!

Lila is also really into her blocks right not. Not so much building, but straightening. She's obsessed and doesn't appreciate her sister messing up the straight lines she makes! It's pretty funny.

And this is really fun for me... Check out this impressive Bed Head!

The pictures don't do it justice. It's such a mess and taming it is just one more thing to do in the mornings! A favorite memory for me alright!

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So Big!

Emily's little personality is starting to shine through. I love discovering all the little things that make her unique and very distinct from her sister. Lila has always been fearless, a rough and tumble kid. Emily on the other hand is very cautious. She has recently learned how to stand up all by herself and is so funny to watch because she never just falls back down. Instead, she very gracefully and cautiously sits back down oh, so carefully, never falling! I really think she could walk if she ever got brave enough to try!

She now has three teeth.. two vampire teeth on the top and one center stage on the bottom. I love how my mom put it, "That's very unusual." Not, 'wow that's weird' or 'she's really funny looking', just "unusual." I guess Emily really isn't the typical baby!

Speaking of those teeth.. everything is funny so we see them quite a lot. She is just so happy and good natured. Lila was too but Emily takes it to a whole new level. She is such a joy!

To say she's a champion eater would be an understatement. This girl can EAT!! Not a picky eater at all, again very different from her sister. She will devour anything we put in front of her.. spaghetti being a favorite at the moment. So messy, but Emily doesn't care!

And Mommy's best friend. She is always right at my feet, following me from room to room just to be near.. again, very cautious! This is how we work at the computer... Emily under the desk at my feet just staying close!

She just grew two inches last month so if you are thinking she looks big, you're right!!

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Friday, May 02, 2008


Lila and I had a deal. When she went potty on the potty, she could get a fish. So, meet our new friends...

Fishy, Fishy and Baby Fishy!

Today was the big day, and after our big celebration we headed out to get our fish friends. Lila could not have been more excited. This has been something we've been talking up for over a week now. She couldn't wait to get those fish home and show her Daddy!
Which poor fish will be ours?

Get ready it might be a stressful ride home in Lila's arms...

Oh Fishy Friends, Lila loves looking at you..

Hugging you...

And telling you secrets...

Please LIVE, at least through the night!!

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First Oreo...

I think she likes it...

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