Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Spaceship Party!

Charlie decided on a space theme for his party this year. My sister always amazes me with her cute party decorations and this year she didn't disappoint! It was a space party so she made a huge rocket out of a cardboard box (I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it!), homemade rockets made out of all kinds of containers she saved from the trash, a moon cake, and little space satellites made out of ice cream cones... it was all so cute and Charlie said it was the best party he has ever had (which means the best of four?!?) It was a great party and I am so glad we were able to celebrate with him this year!

The Moon Cake

You have to look closely to see the rockets "flying" on fishing line over the party... so cute!

The bounce house was delivered early that morning so the kids had fun jumping before the party started, and yes... Lila is in her pajama top!

Lila really enjoyed her ice cream space satellite!

Kate with her rocket craft from the party

Emily made a quick appearance at the party but then had to go inside (RSV season is a real bummer). She hung out on the couch practicing more of that tummy time that she loves! ha!

Sesame Street Live

The girls and I went to San Antonio this weekend for Charlie's birthday party. Sesame Street Live was in town so we had to go see Elmo and friends while we were there. It was a fun concert and Lila had a great time dancing with her favorite friends!

Here's our gang posing before the concert with the Sesame Street Gang

Summer and Kate

Lila carries her flag pendant around the house and sings the "Elephant" song from Barney... I'm a little confused?!?!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Today our little Charlie turns FOUR!!! I still remember getting up at the crack of dawn and driving to Abilene to sit and anxiously wait for news of his arrival. That first time I held him I was smitten for life! It's hard to believe four years have gone by already! Charlie is such a sweet boy and I love being his Aunt! He is a good big cousin (the only boy so far) and takes good care of all the girls! He loves to play chase with Lila and lay on the floor and talk sweetly to Emily! He has brought us all a lot of joy these past four years and I love him dearly!! Happy Birthday Charlie! I can't wait to see you this weekend!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Froggie Boots!

Ask any of my friends and they will confirm that I am a fan of bribery for good behavior. I know, it's not the best parenting method but with a two year old and seven and a half month old it's the best I can do at times! Today it was a trip to Target and our "prize" were these froggie boots! They really are cute and Lila has been hopping around all afternoon saying "ribbit" with each little hop. So our prize today has been cute and entertaining! She even took her nap (three hours) with her new froggie boots on! She doesn't want to take them off, which means we'll be making a froggie fashion statement the next few days!

My Cheetah Girls!

I usually don't like to dress the girls exactly alike because they each have their own distinct personality and are really not a whole lot alike, but today they both wore little cheetah outfits and everyone at Bible Study said they looked cute so we had to get some pictures when Daddy got home from work! They really did look pretty cute (if I can brag on them a little). Maybe I should dress them alike more often!

Look at me!!

Look what I can do!!!

I was just telling my friend Lindsey that I couldn't wait for Emily to be able to hold her own bottle... and look at her now!
She can only do it with an Avent bottle laying down and for about five minutes max... but it's a start! I wish she could hold her Dr. Brown bottles and at an incline since it helps with her reflux, but we'll work up to that! Such a big girl!


Could this be my favorite part of the day???

I'm sure someday she'll get me back for posting this picture of her! I couldn't resist.. She's just so cute holding all her friends as she sleeps!

Outside Fun!

The weather has been perfect lately. Cool, crisp mornings and nice sunny afternoons with temp. in the low 70's. I love this time of year! Lila is an 'outside girl' so anytime she can get her 'inside mom' outside is a great treat! Today we had fun pushing our Barney friends up and down the sidewalk (I'm sure the neighbors are wondering...) and creating a masterpiece with our sidewalk chalk!

Check out our artwork! What a masterpiece! (Ha! Ha!)

Thanks Daddy for taking me on bike rides after work!


This year for Halloween Lila was Elmo (no surprise there) and Emily was The Cookie Monster. We got together with our good friends from church and trick or treated at the Outlet Mall near our house. All the kids had a great time and got an impressive loot of candy!

The Sesame Street Sisters! (Thanks Cindy for the pic!)

Here's my cute little monster!

Here's a few of Lila's buddies.. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Pierce in his little frog costume... He was sooo cute!!

Bryer, the lobster. (Her brother was a chef!)

Lila, Deacon,(the chef), and Mia (Snow White)

Lila and Michaela (a lady bug)

Wednesday was such a crazy day and neither one of our girls got in a good nap but did surprising well considering. Emily is always really good, she just hung out in her cookie jar and enjoyed all the people. Lila started off well but was dragging her candy bucket fifteen minutes into our trick or treating adventure. She did have two lollipops which kept her going until we were all tired and dispersed to hit up our neighbors for even more candy!

My Little Punkin!

I love this picture that Cindy took of Lila at the Pumpkin Farm... I even love the cookie all over her mouth!!