Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fast Forward

Wow! Last post was a little over 5 short years ago! Funny how five years can seem like very little time, but as I sit here today so much has changed.. new city, new DAUGHTER, new job (I'm back at work teaching preschool part time), everyone is in school, and life is busier than ever. Blogging seems like a thing of the past, but I stumbled upon it the other day and love how it gives little snapshots of the mundane memories that get lost as the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years pile on. Social Media has exploded today.. facebook, twitter, Instagram.. so many ways to keep up (or see if you're measuring up)with friends and old acquaintances. It's fun, but has it's negative aspects (like the latter I mentioned above) so I thought it would be fun to come back to an oldie but goodie and start blogging again. My sincere hope is that everyone is so wrapped up in other medias that this little blog will fly under the radar and be a private place of reflection for me.. and maybe something fun the girls will want to read, some bored day when they are older. So, here's to blogspot.. Thanks for having me back! Lila got glasses over the summer. She is so cute in them, but I'm finding it interesting how quickly our mental image of someone changes. When she first got them she looked so different, it took time to get used to seeing glasses on that sweet face, but after about a week when I would see her first thing in the morning or right before bed she looked so strange without them, something was missing. She's still the same sweet girl I love with every fiber of my being, she just looks a bit different. She just started her first day of Fifth Grade yesterday.. my Rooney, a 5th grader.. again, another reminder of how quickly time flies. Walking her into school yesterday morning she was her usual first day of school bundle of nerves. Her lip started quivering when we got in the car for the short drive there. I used the whole drive to fill her up with reassurances and blessings.. reminding her that God goes before her and she is never alone. I was wishing that my girls could see themselves as I see them. I wish they knew the strength and courage that I know is in there. The phrase "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." from Winnie the Pooh is one I borrow for them a lot, but it got me thinking... I imagine my loving, protective, encouraging, supportive God was looking down on me at that moment and nodding His head in agreement. What I feel for my kids is just a small sliver of what God feels for us. What a wonderful, truly remarkable thing to be loved like this by our King. For the promise of Glory. That is the one thing I cannot fail at as a parent.. my girls must know Jesus. Without Him they will literally be lost. I need for them to know Him. Love Him with every bit of themselves and be warriors for Him on this earth. I like the idea that Jesus is like a pair of glasses we put on each morning, first thing when we wake up so we can see things clearly. And that we would physically look like something was missing if we forgot to grab Him in the morning. He should be like that for us.. His light should shine through my every word and action. I love that Lila wears glasses now and I hope seeing her visual transformation each morning will remind me to grab my Jesus so that I can see the world clearly each day as well. She's only 10 years old and yet she teaches me new things daily... see how brave and strong and smart you are, my dear? I love you Rooney!

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