Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lila's 'Horse' Party

Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse! At least that is what Nellie Sue says in Lila's all time favorite book, Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, by Rebecca Janni. Nellie Sue asks for a horse for her birthday, but she gets a bike instead! At first she isn't too keen on ridin' a horse with wheels where hooves ought to be but in no time at all, Nellie Sue loves 'Beauty', her 'horse', with the bright pink saddle (bike seat) and pale pink mane (bike streamers). After reading this book that Mimi and Papa found for Lila, the idea for our party was clear... we invited our fellow cowgirls and cowboys to saddle up their horses and meet us at the park so we could groom, gallop around, race, and giddy-up around the pasture!

It rained the morning of the party but stopped just in time... my sidewalk chalk birthday art needed a few touch ups, but no big deal... rain can't stop these wild horses! The kids all got bandanas when they arrived, but it SO HUMID that I think they got handed off to the parents real quick.. too hot to wear something tied around your neck! We read the story, and then spent some time grooming our beloved stallions... we attached bike streamers to our handlebars, bike spokes to our wheels, and personalized Texas license/bike plates to our saddles... seats! Then we cantered, galloped and skeedaddled like the wind in a few bike races. No belt buckles for winners, but everybody did get a medal to show off their extraordinary riding skills!

Next it was time to hitch up the horses and hit the feed... cake and ice cream, cold drinks from the water trough, perfect cowgirl grub!

Happy Birthday to you Sweet Cowgirl! Giddy-Up, Blow out them candles real quick!

The kids enjoyed their johnnycake..

Party Favors..

Think the parents will still be my friends after I send home with cowbells?! : )


The perfect party for my adorable cowgirl! We love you Lila Rooney! Yee-Haw!


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